Upper Secondary English Language Programme (O Level)

Sharpen your Understanding of the Changing World

Most suited for:

  • Secondary 3 & 4 students preparing in the O level
  • Those seeking a strong foundation for General Paper (A level) and Communication Studies (Polytechnic)

In this Programme, students will :

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Master Content and Language

Articulate Perspectives

skills taught to ace gp paper

Develop Insight

Master Content and Language

Articulate Perspectives

Develop Insight

  • Extensive exposure to Current Affairs and Global Issues
  • Learn critical Comprehension and Summary skills to make sense of the information
  • Communicate effectively through clear Speech (Oral) and impactful Writing (Narrative/Expository/Situational Writing)
  • Review essential techniques and skills to effectively tackle examinable components


Term 1
(12 Lessons)
Term 2
(12 Lessons)
Term 3
(12 Lessons)
Term 4
(12 Lessons)
For more information on Term Dates, please contact us at +65 8766 2070


  • All Secondary School Programs $960 per term

    15% discount for full-year sign-up
    10% discount for 2-term sign-up
    For financial assistance, please inquire personally

Class Schedule

For more information on our Class Schedules, please contact us at +65 8766 2070 🙂