Upper Secondary Language and Mentorship Programme

Building a purpose-driven leader

Most suited for:

  • Secondary 3 & 4 students in the IP/IB stream
  • Those seeking a strong foundation for General Paper (A level) and Communication Studies (Polytechnic)

In this Programme, students will :

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Master Content and Language

Develop Insight

Build Conviction and Gain Confidence

Master Content and Language

Develop Insight

Articulate Perspectives

  • Extensive exposure to Current Affairs and Global Issues
  • Learn critical Comprehension and Summary skills to make sense of the information
  • Evaluate differing viewpoints and establish your own perspectives
  • Communicate effectively through clear Speech (Oral) and impactful Writing (Narrative/Expository/Situational Writing)

Main features of this Programme:

Additional Features

Come mid-2019, students of Crossward will be given an option to be part of an exclusive Mentorship Programme that is specially tailored to open up additional channels of learning and growth. More details to follow.


Term 1
(12 Lessons)
Term 2
(12 Lessons)
Term 3
(12 Lessons)
Term 4
(12 Lessons)
For more information on Term Dates, please contact us at +65 8766 2070


  • All Secondary School Programs $1080 per term

    For financial assistance, please inquire personally

Class Schedule

For more information on our Class Schedules, please contact us at +65 8766 2070 🙂