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“Going Beyond Suicide Statistics”

Tan Jen Han, 15

“We need to create safe spaces, be it within our schools, families or communities, for the vulnerable to vocalise their insecurities and fears to trusted companions. Only then can we ever truly stop this tragedy and remind these individuals of the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“We must see the education system as a transport system which will drop you off at success no matter the route you take, not a system where only one route leads to success, with the rest all leading to failure.”

“Tuition Centres Go Beyond Academics

Lam Yu Han, 14

“Not all ‘elite’ school students are rich”

David Lim, 15

“Nonetheless, the idea of setting aside spaces for children from low-income families is a good idea, as it provides more opportunities for students to mingle with those from different financial backgrounds.”

“Subjects that do not require much creativity allow students to understand the real world better and base their creativity on it. They provide a structure by which students can be innovative, while still being grounded in reality.”

“Education system supports creativity”

Matsumoto Yuto, 15

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